The Straight Shooters

Heroes Healing Heroes (TM)


Who - All Honorable/In Good Standing

Must Own a Motorcycle or Trike (500cc or greater) - must show proof of ownership and insurance

Military - Combat and Non Combat Veterans (all branches) Can be active service also

          Must provide DD214, for Combat membership DD214 must show combat campaign

First Responders  - Career / Retired / Volunteer active and former 

          Must provide letter from department or student transcript with dates


Beliefs and Order - God and Country

We believe in God, all gatherings begin with prayer

We believe in the Red, White and Blue - our colors run deep

We believe in fellowship, helping each other and supporting each other

We believe in family - we are 100% family oriented

We follow Roberts Rules of Order

We will be structured with a governing Board

We ARE NOT a club, no prospecting or 'hang-arounds' we don't claim territory, however, we believe there are no boundaries separating us from our mission.

We are a non-profit organization

We support other MC and Associations who have the similar mission as ours


Full Patch - Veteran /First Responder

Auxiliary - Spouse/Adult Child of Full or Support Patch

Junior Patch - Family member (child of full or support patch member) under 18 years of age.

Support Patch - Gold Star Family/Civilian Member at Large

By Laws


We are an Association recognizing post traumatic stress disorder in our military, Veterans, first responders and the effects it has on their family, our goal is to conquer PTSD.